travel tips: buy 36 hours

36 hours from new york times and taschen

36 hours from new york times and taschen

before traveling anywhere domestically, i had gotten in the habit of checking whether the new york times had written a “36 hours” series on the location. in the series, the writer lists what to do when spending a weekend (from friday evening to sunday afternoon) in select US and canadian cities. how thrilled i was last year when my husband told me the articles were combined and published into one book, 36 Hours, 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada (Taschen).

many of us don’t take advantage of the areas just outside our own homes, choosing rather to look at faraway destinations instead of taking roadtrips to explore seemingly random cities around us. no more, thanks to this book. since i purchased it last summer, i’ve referenced it when traveling for work to seattle and cleveland, visiting my brother in pittsburgh, and taking some time off for road trips to sedona, san diego, santa cruz, carmel, and big sur. i’ve also loved reading the los angeles section (there are six guides for LA: los angeles, downtown los angeles, hollywood, pasadena, santa monica, and malibu) and discovering new places in my own city.

for those of you already in love with this book, great news! taschen recently released 36 Hours, 125 Weekends in Europe. enjoy!

excerpt of the dallas article in 36 hours

excerpt of the dallas article in 36 hours

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